Safety plays a very important role when it comes to event planning for your business. Trust me, if you fail in providing the basic attendee security at your event, people will be reluctant in attending your events.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of four precautions that people need to take for safer events.

1. Highlight Safety When Choosing a Venue

Event safety plans are executed before the beginning of the event, even prior to the selection of the right venue. Therefore, the right venue and the right venue personnel can play a significant role in making a difference.

It is important to begin thinking about safety during venue selection stage. When you visit prospective places, talk with their security personnel and talk to them about their practice of past events. Ask them to give you examples where they have encountered any safety challenges and discuss how they have come out of them. You can also request them to demonstrate to you their procedures for dealing with delegates and VIPs with particular requirements.

There is a high probability that some venue’s staff will provide you with a sense of confidence whereas others will leave you with irksome doubts.

2. Make Detailed Plans for VIPs

It is important for you to make VIPs feel happy and well looked after at the event. You must prepare a detailed timetable that entails all the attendance timings from entering the venue to leaving the venue. This will enable you to build in likelihood for unexpected difficulties such as late arrival. Lastly, to guarantee that you are truly prepared, conduct a physical walkthrough rehearsal as per VIP’s schedule.

3. Prepare a Risk Register

This might sound like an “old hat” management technique but there are many benefits to doing it. This will help to boost your confidence and guarantee you have a plan in place for anything that could occur.

Your risk register should encompass all the things you can imagine occurring- from big safety problems like an outbreak of illness or fire to smaller issues like dealing with protesters and hecklers. You can create a strategy for every thinkable situation and be ready for any circumstances. It is more beneficial to involve the venue staff in this process. As a result, they will see and deal with all sorts of unexpected situations and be able to give you unique insight.

4. Use Technology: Customized Event Apps

Technology can assist you in organizing an event through various different methods. For example, a customized event app can all help keep a record of attendees, as most event-goers have a phone in hand at any moment.

A customized event app can help you guarantee that you just let official individuals check into some areas or sessions, providing registered individuals with the guarantee that outside guests are not making their way into the venue. These apps can also allow organizers to inform attendees (via push notifications) of possible emergencies, alterations in plans, or building issues.

Sean Hoge

Sean Hoge

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Sean Hoge