The modern events are not limited to just specific location or venue. In fact, it can be attended by anyone regardless of their location in any part of the world. An event manager’s major responsibility includes managing events and providing maximum value to the attendees from engagement to networking and gamification to enjoying scrumptious food. Event planners utilize the latest technologies in order to make the event smooth and uninterrupted for the attendees. The examples include custom event app, AR/VR, chatbots and sound equipment are few to mention.

You might have used many of these technologies, but have you ever thought of incorporating live streaming so that attendees who are not present can benefit from it. If you don’t know any of these tools online, let’s explore a few that wouldn’t break your bank. Have a look at it.


CoveritLive is quite popular among broadcasters and journalists. Without any doubt, the event managers can also incorporate the tool for live video broadcasting to cover niche events. Moreover, it is also easy to create an automated stream of social media content and add live commentary to add opinions, reviews, and excerpts from speakers, sponsors and event managers. The tool allows moderation and curation capabilities to ensure high-quality audience engagement and experience.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is not new to anyone, but some of us would not have realized its potential it holds for the events. The live stream function can allow you to share what is going on, allowing your viewers to have a clear picture on the latest updates.

Facebook Live Streaming is not only meant to host pages but also fans and attendees to go live at your event from their very own mobile device. The tool helps you choose your audience, track the number of viewers watching the live stream and receive feedback in real time.

So without any complications and complexities, Facebook Live is a must try for event planners, in order to get maximum exposure without incurring extra cost.


Live is a streaming app works great on internet capable cameras, iOS, Microsoft and Mac computers. It offers users to run streaming sessions simultaneously. For instance, you can host a Facebook and YouTube live stream simultaneously through a central dashboard, helping you to reach multiple audiences alongside.

The Facebook and YouTube Live stream is available free of charge while Live simultaneous streaming feature is offered for a one-time payment of $9.99.

Moreover, the app is great for businesses looking to broadcast their event on multiple channels through a single platform, rather than paying and using multiple live stream services.

Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software is available for free with open source option for video recording an streaming. The software markets itself to webcam broadcaster and game caster. The software is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 8. One of the drawbacks of Open Broadcaster Software is that it does not comes with a proper technical support.

The software can be very helpful for event planners who want software flexibility and looking for ways to broadcast their event without incurring extra cost. Moreover, due to its open source nature, the software can be customized according to one’s need.


YouNow is an innovative free app available for iPhone, Android, and computer. Creating and hosting your event broadcast becomes easier with YouNow. The tool is very helpful for event planners looking for search capabilities with hashtag along with versatility and compatibility with other devices. YouNow is the best way to engage the audience, allow them to watch live streams and have video chat with people within and outside the event.

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