Events are held all around the year, yet many of them fail while others succeed. The reasons might be several for event’s failure, but on top of the list lies not taking the attendees to feedback seriously or not including as part of a plan to engage them and voice their opinion.

The majority of event managers will work day and night to incorporate the latest technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, beacons and mobile event app. However, they might ignore the fact that collecting feedback will help them devise better plans and strategies in order to engage attendees.

If you have missed the feedback part, don’t worry, it’s never too late. Now it is time to take the action. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the free survey tools that can help you in collecting feedback from the attendees. Let’s get started.

Google Forms

Google Forms is forever free and collecting feedback requires no prior experience or extra technical skills. Choose from an array of question options from the drop-down to linear scale. Create or respond on the go with Google Forms where you can edit and respond to forms on multiple devices from desktop to mobile. The responses from the attendees will be organized automatically in the form of charts from where you can analyze how attendees felt about your event.

Survey Planet

Survey Planet like any other survey tools can help you collect feedback without any hassle. Great survey tool allows you to sign up for free and conduct unlimited surveys and responses. With friendly and optimal user experience, Survey Planet comes with custom themes with options like changing fonts, background colors and images, and many more. Survey Planet is responsive and works great on mobile devices and desktops. You have control over what survey questions can be seen by the respondents. If you are looking for an easy and friendly survey tool, try Survey Planet in your next event.

Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo is another great option for event managers to collect attendees’ feedback. The free version allows you to take three surveys up to 100 respondents, which is ideal for the small-scale event. However, for bigger events, you have to opt for paid plans. A number of features outshine Survey Gizmo from the rest. For instance, data exporting and ranking system are some of the noteworthy features to consider. If you are looking for other features such as HTML customization, custom questions, or video embedding, you need to opt for suitable plans starting at $25 per month.

Type Form

TypeForm comes with a clean and minimalist user interface and offers convenience to everyone, including non-techy people. The tool makes it easier for event managers to collect feedback and responses from the attendees. TypeForm comes with both free and paid options. A myriad of templates is available to use along with ten basic fields, data exports 100 responses per month and theme design. A free version is a good option for event managers who are not willing to spend a dime on such tools.

Zoho Survey

Creating a survey was never easy before Zoho Survey. If you are short on time, just sign up for Zoho Survey and create a survey in minutes. It is mobile friendly and works great on mobile and desktop devices. Plenty of customizable themes are available to match with your brand and style. Moreover, you can also share your survey with participants available at your event through email campaigns and social media. Have a look through survey reports to analyze the responses for deeper understanding.

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