Event app adoption rate

4 Ways to Increase Event App Engagement among Attendees

Event managers, at NVOLV, our central focus is to reduce your workload and automate your tasks. We understand that you are paying attention to attendee engagement, but

event coordinator tips

7 Ways to Create Event Marketing Buzz on Social Media

Event managers, although all of you are familiar with social media these days, but it becomes a little tricky, when the game shifts towards marketing your event through these online forums.

Event planning apps

5 W's of Event planning all Event Managers Should Know

We know a lot of event planners. We interact with them on regular basis, and we’ve learned that among all of the important characteristics needed, five specific ones stand out.

Improve attendee engagement

4 ways to increase attendee engagement

Event managers, at NVOLV our central focus is to reduce your workload and automate your tasks such as attendee engagement. Moreover, we appreciate all of you, who are, and who intend to be

New Year Resolutions 2017

5 New Year Resolutions for Event Planners in 2017

Event managers, 2016 has ended and it is 3rd January, 2017 already! We see that you must have made a number of resolutions years before, and not all of them were accomplished.

Event planning

6 Best Practices for Event Planning

As an event planner, you are aware of how critical it is to actively plan and organize your event, even after it’s begun. While there is no Bible that exists