Event marketing and promotion can be daunting unless you have not devised an automated system. Marketing automation for events can help you save time, money and effort. Those who are under constant pressure to deliver qualitative marketing results will find marketing automation a blessing in disguise.

With the advancement in technology and day-to-day release of new tools, event marketers won’t find it hard to promote their event, engage attendees and reap maximum value from it. Those of you who are not aware of how to run a successful automated marketing campaign, let’s have a look at it.

Choose the Right Technology

Firstly, it is good to know what technology is right for your event and suits your audience. For instance, if you have chosen a mobile event app, you have taken the right decision. The event registration process and check in of attendees becomes easier. Moreover, it can collect data from those who have registered, which can be used in the future for upcoming events.

Similarly, AI Chatbots are gaining the hype and helpful in collecting data. Moreover, they are helpful during and after the events as they allow you to interact with attendees on the go.

Devise a Marketing Automation Strategy

The event data is the main driver of your marketing campaign. You will need a marketing automation platform in order to make the best use of event data. Moreover, the framework is also required in order to mold your decision with regard to marketing automation.

For instance;

  • How frequently you should interact with your contacts
  • Will, you pair email outreach with website personalization and remarketing ads?
  • What actions would you take in order to inspire the audience?

Answer these questions in order to make the most out of your marketing automation plan. Charting your marketing automation strategy will also make it convenient to choose an appropriate event software platform.

Assign Marketing Automation Personnel

When it comes to maintaining lists, integrating platforms and creating workflows, it takes time and specialized expertise. If you don’t hire a dedicated marketing person, you will need to find one. However, someone interested in taking the pain from your team will be helpful in cutting the cost and saving time on training the resource from outside.

The benefit of designating a resource to manage automated marketing campaign can reduce the chances of inefficiency and disorder. For instance, there are several things involved in building workflows and approaching leads. Without a dedicated resource, it would be difficult to handle such situations

Regulate Automation Processes

After dedicating a person for marketing automation campaign, make sure that the person is also helping other individuals within the team to use the tools properly. Apart from a few tasks like integrating platforms should be handled by the dedicated resource, other marketing automation tasks should be done by other team members.


Marketing automation is the new way of planning marketing campaigns that help event marketers to collect and utilize behavioral data in powerful ways. The ultimate goal is to delivering the optimum customer experience and empowering the relationships.

Sean Hoge

Sean Hoge

VP of products during weekdays, basketball fan during weekends! I tend to write about the future of event management.
Sean Hoge