Reduce your dependence on paper schedules and event booklets with NVOLV’s scheduling capabilities. Your attendees can customize their event experience by saving sessions and speakers to My Schedule and receiving reminders before they begin.



Providing the best user experience is at the heart of NVOLV’s product strategy, and our Discover feature is the embodiment of that philosophy. This page brings together speakers, schedules, social, and sponsors so that attendees can maximize their engagement and education.


Brand Ambassador

Empower your brand ambassadors to capture as many leads as possible. NVOLV’s Brand Ambassador profiles are a great way for sponsors and exhibitors to connect directly to attendees, facilitate product education and awareness, and boost measurable ROI.



The speakers, sessions, and sponsors at your event can all be linked through our unique Topics feature. Within each Topic is a dedicated discussion where attendees can chat and network with others, effectively nurturing relationships that last beyond your event and prompt recurring attendance.

Simple Download

Good news: With NVOLV’s Standard solution, your attendees and sponsors don’t have to search for your event within the app. Once they click the URL unique to your event and download the NVOLV app, they’ll be taken directly to your event information. There’s no burden of remembering what to search. It’s like a Branded app experience, on a budget.

Awesome Customer Service

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to serving all of NVOLV’s clients and their events. Standard users have access to the Customer Success team through email and will be supported on all issues no matter how technical or trivial. Our sole purpose is to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We’re always here to help.