Planning event is no less than pain. A great deal of time, effort and stress are required to plan an event and make them seamless and smooth. Event managers and planners who are still relying on traditional event management processes might need to work twice as compared to those who are utilizing technology the right way.

For instance, think of the event registration process both manually and through the mobile event app. Not only they have to correctly enter the details of each individual, but managing time and starting the event on time might be impossible. However, on the contrary, those who have introduced mobile event app for event registration and check-in will face less troubles and challenges.

Which category do you fall in? Assuming that you are relying on manual processes instead of utilizing technology, then this blog is a must read for you. Let us have a look through some reasons on why you should embrace event technology seriously.

1. Technology will Never Get Old

Event technology is a kind of long-term investment, which can be utilized every now and then. For instance, if you have invested in the event app for conferences, it can be utilized in the upcoming events. Similarly, iBeacons, chatbots and other such technologies can benefit you in the long-run.

If you have not invested in technology, it’s time to think seriously. Another reason to invest in technology is that the new generation is stringed to screens and gadgets.

2. Help You Keep Event Strategy in Harmony

When it comes to event management, everything needs to be looked vigilantly. Not having properly technology will make planning extremely difficult. Moreover, attendees might not be engaged as much as it would have been with the technology. Adopting event technology is critical, but once you have done it rightly, it would automate the processes, leading to better event management and more engagement.

3. Save Time, Money and Stress

Investing in technology does not mean throwing away your money. In fact, if you analyze, you might save the cost every time you organize an event. For instance, how much time would it save if you have a mobile event app? Instead of going through manual registration and check-ins, you can save the time of your attendees and cut cost on paper and printing. Moreover, the hassle and stress will be reduced drastically with the adoption of event technology.

4. Boost Attendees Experience

The purpose of any event is to boost attendees’ experience, whether it be through networking, polling, gamification or surveys. Moreover, adopting event technology will allow attendees to go through the smooth experience without waiting for too long – just like registration and check-in. Technology will surely disrupt the event positively both for organizers and attendees.

5. Automates Monotonous Tasks  

There are tasks that need to be manually completed, for instance updating your spreadsheets. How much time and effort you have to put in order to modify the event program according to changes? Moreover, organizing the spreadsheet, categorizing each attendee and sending them emails will consume much of your time, effort and energy.

Simply by investing in Event Management Software, you can avoid all these hassles and help you automate the processes.


If you are still not sure whether to invest in event technology or not, you might need to read the post again. The more you invest wisely in event technology, the greater the event ROI will be. However, for this, you need to analyze how much investment you can afford and carefully carry out what’s needed and what can be postponed. For instance, you might need an event app immediately for next event rather than Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Sean Hoge

Sean Hoge

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Sean Hoge