From a long time now, social media has ascertained itself as a paramount source for running the most effective marketing and promotional campaigns.

In the latest upsurge, Twitter is proved to be the most eminent source for marketing, as it is a hub of more than 317 million active monthly users, and approximately more than 100 million daily active users.

The most vibrant feature is its unique selling proposition, which consents the marketers to coordinate with their potential audience in real time.

Event professionals, here are the 6 twitter marketing trends for events in 2017 that you can follow:

1. Create unique hashtags related to your event:

Creating and using the most unique hashtags, can prove to be quite effective for your event, because guests and attendees can follow up with your updates. When creating a unique hashtag, it should be:

  • Short
  • Memorable
  • Within the 140 characters space limit provided by Twitter

For the context, create the hashtag at east 2 months before your event’s scheduled date, so that it can gather the required traction till the event date.

Furthermore, keep in mind that your hashtag must be strong enough to attract those powerful users, sponsors and influencers.

2. Use an already established twitter account:

Having an already established account on Twitter with a handful of followers, can prove to be a blessing when planning to market your event.

Event managers, we would not suggest to create a new profile just for the sole purpose of promoting your event. This is because your attendees and followers would not know about this account and hence you will not get the required hype before launching your event.

We have seen many event managers creating new accounts, but the biggest drawback to it is this:

What will you do after the event is over?

3. Are you using images while tweeting?

We all know that an image is worth over a thousand words. If you are promoting your event and have no images, then you are doomed already.

If it is a brand new event, you can hire some graphic designers to create uniquely designed social media posts. However, if this is not the first time you are hosting an event, you can use previous event’s pictures and multimedia content to promote.

We all know how well people respond to videos and images. So why not use them and gain the traction you need?

For example you just planned to share your event’s registration link, do not tweet it without any images. The response rate will be very low.

But if you post the same link with an interactive image, your response rate can be very high.

4. Time optimization is important:

It won’t be advisable to tweet at any particular time, without keeping in mind the availability of your target audience.

It’s just like throwing up a party at such a time, when none of your invited friends can show up. You wouldn’t want to go to a party that starts after 12 AM, even if it is on a weekend, would you?

In a similar way, make sure that your event time resonates with that of your target audience.

Track the availability of your concerned audience while analyzing the stats via twitter analytics, which not only provides you the information regarding your audience from different geographic locations, but also the specific times at which they are most active.

5) Retweet feedback of your loyal attendees:

It’s a general apprehension that people appreciate positive word of mouth. Being an event marketer, you must exploit every opportunity in order to market your event, no matter how trivial the it may seem.

Event managers, it’s eminent to keep track of all your previous attendees’ tweets with a hashtag. Then, use it as a powerful weapon in order to catch the attention of your current potential attendees.

5. Run Twitter contests:

Human beings are competitive by nature, and marketers should realize that allowing your Twitter followers to participate in a contest, increases their engagement rate and your event promotion at the same time. There is nothing wrong in running a contest at least once a month to keep your target audience engaged.

When it specifically comes to the event, make sure that you ask questions like:

  • What type of food do you like at events?
  • What is your available timing of events?
  • How many of you use a mobile event app?

We have seen how Twitter has been struggling hard for the last 3 years in terms of growing their user base. Rest assured that despite all these issues, Twitter still remains as one of the most popular social media marketing tools for event marketers.

Sean Hoge

Sean Hoge

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Sean Hoge